Laurin 100% Coco MCT (Case: 150ml X 12)

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MCT or Medium Chain Triglycerides is the healthiest part of coconut oil. It is an essential fatty acid that promotes ketone production as an immediate source of energy for our brain and body. Because it is medium in size, it is quickly converted by our liver into ketone energy instead of being stored as fat, thus increasing fat burning and supporting weight loss. Clean and pure ketone energy is released for your brain and body to work in synergyÑto keep our minds sharp and improve physical performance.

Laurin CocoMCT ¨ is a unique combination of MCT plus the valuable Lauric acid , a powerful anti-bacterial and anti-microbial that helps fight off bacteria, microbes and viruses.

Laurin is a premium all-natural CocoMCT¨-based oil, a high quality product that delivers better nutrition, lifestyle, and quality of life. Laurin is the modern coconut oilÑitÕs the very goodness of coconut in its most concentrated form.

Made of 100% CocoMCT¨ - the healthiest portion of coconut oil where most of its health benefits are concentrated

Quickly absorbed to provide instant and long-lasting energy for brain and body; while managing cholesterol levels

Enhances mental function and helps beat AlzheimerÕs and dementia

Boosts the immune system and stimulates faster metabolism

Has Lauric Acid that is anti-bacterial and anti-viral.

Very light; it stays liquid even in cold temperature; doesn''t have taste and doesn''t have odor '

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