Carp Premium Soy Sauce (3785 ml)
Carp Premium Soy Sauce (3785 ml)

Carp Premium Soy Sauce (3785 ml)


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What are soy isoflavones? Isoflavones are biologically-active, nonnutritive compounds that are present in relatively large amounts in soybeans and soy foods. Soybeans contain two main types of isoflavones; daidzein and genistein. These compounds are part of a larger group of plant chemicals, called flavenoids that are common in many fruits, vegetables, and legumes. Soybeans are by far the most concentrated source of isoflavones in the human diet. Isoflavones also contain phytoestrogen, estrogen like substance made by plants. Why the current interest in soy isoflavones? In the past decade or so, the consumption of soy foods has been linked to human health benefits such as protection against breast cancer and prostate cancer, relieving the discomforts of menopause and the risk of osteoporosis, and lowering cholesterol levels. There is considerable speculation that the soy isoflavones in soybean are responsible for these possible effects on human health. Product Description CARP Soy Sauce is an all-purpose seasoning perfect for any dish. made from carefully selected soybeans, Carp Soy Sauce is fermented and brewed, with only brine, or dissolved salt in water, acting as preservative. Each bottle is perfect in flavor and aroma. Product Attributes Health benefit: Aged like wine, CARP Soy Sauce is high in anti-oxidants.

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